Library Hours:
Monday:  7:15am-2:30pm
Tuesday-Thursdsay:  7:15am-3:00pm
Friday:  7:15am-2:45pm

Book Check Out Procedure:
Your student ID number is your library "card."  Using the keypad next to the circulation computer enter your student ID into the computer. Hand your items to the Librarian or Library Aide.  The bar code of the item you are checking out is scanned into the computer. The due-date is placed on the back of the book on a sticker, the book is decoded, and you are ready to go!

Checkout Periods:
Fiction/Non-fiction/Biographies/Picture Books/Graphic Novels: two weeks (renewable twice)
Reference: overnight (1 day)
Audio Books (on an iPod or CD): one week
Nook (ereader): one week
OverDrive (online ebooks): two week

Up to five items may be checked out at a time.

Late Fines:
Books:  $0.10 per day

iPods / Audiobooks / NookColor:  $0.25 per day

Reference:  $0.25 per day

Overdrive:  No fine, books are returned on time automatically

NOTE: If you lose or damage library materials, you will be charged the cost to replace the materials plus the overdue fine.  Let us know if you have lost materials so the fine does not continue to accumulate. The cost of the materials will be refunded if, and when, the item is returned. Fines at the end of the year will be raised to the nearest dollar amount. You will not receive your yearbook at the end of the year until library fines have been paid or cleared.