January 27, 2010

How to find a book...

You can find a book using any computer on the Alexandria Researcher.  Once in Alexandria click on the BROWSE button. Put in the keyword and hit "All Words."  Select the book you want, double click on it, and SCROLL down to see it's location in the library.

FICTION (FIC) - Middle of the library (look at book ends for call numbers)
NON-FICTION (Begins with a set of numbers and then three letters i.e. 324.6 AGH)- Outside walls of the library beginning on the south side (look at signs for call numbers)
BIOGRAPHY (BIO 92 or 920) - Second and third bookshelves from the north wall of non-fiction shelves (look at bookends for location)
REFERENCE (REF) - Last rows of bookshelves on the south end of the library
PICTURE BOOKS (PIC) & GRAPHIC NOVELS (GN) -  South end of the library between the Fiction and Reference sections