December 9, 2010

An e-mail from an actual author!

***Please note that the Book Club meeting will be moved to the second Tuesday in January (January 11)  to allow students more time to read the book.*** 
Mark your calendar today!

Did you know that author's totally Google their own books?  Isn't that rad?  Mrs. O'Brien saw on this blog that we picked her book "Birthmarked" as our Book Club read for January and sent me a PERSONAL E-MAIL!

Ok... let's be honest here, you know you're a huge book nerd, on top of a librarian, when you let out a huge gasp (one so loud that it scares 10 high school students) and get chills from an e-mail just because it's from an author.  But at the same time... that is SO COOL!

Here's her e-mail...

Join Book Club today (forms are available in the library, $5 to the finance office) and read the book of this awesome author!